Safe and Secure Tree Removal for Weirton, WV, Chester, WV, and the Surrounding Area

Trees are not always courteous about where they decide to grow, or where they happen to fall. Tight spaces and hazards, such as power lines, can make tree removal difficult and even dangerous in Wintersville, OH. That is when a call to Alpine Tree & Shrub is the right decision. Our trained professionals have the knowledge to clear away hard-to-reach brush and trees. Using the best up-to-date equipment and tech, Alpine takes the “limited” out of “limited-access” tree removal. Contact us today for your free estimate, or call us at (304) 374-5818.

Alpine Tree & Shrub Is Available for More Than Tree Removal

Alpine Tree & Shrub Offers Emergency Tree Removal

Whether a tree has fallen in your yard, or a dead tree is posing a threat to your business in Weirton, WV, Chester, WV, and New Cumberland, WV, trust Alpine Tree & Shrub to remove it right away. We offer 24-hour emergency services to keep residents safe. Decaying or dead trees can damage property and injure those in the area.

Do not ignore the possible dangers of an old tree—call Alpine Tree & Shrub for emergency tree removal. We have the proper equipment and knowledge to safely remove trees of all shapes and sizes, and provide proper cleanup afterwards.

When Should You Get Help with Your Trees?

Anyone who has attempted to remove the trees on their property may know how difficult that task can be. When that happens, Alpine Tree & Shrub can help you out. If the tree is standing too close to other trees, is rotting or damaged, or if it may fall on a structure, it is best to trust a professional to remove the tree.

If the tree that you want to remove matches any of these descriptions, put down your tools, pick up the phone, and call Alpine Tree & Shrub before the problem gets worse. We also offer a chipper service to clean up and remove the trees, giving you a safe, clear property when we are finished.

Call Alpine Tree & Shrub Today for 24-Hours for Emergency Tree Service